Welcome to Shree Ganesh Saffron

Shree Ganesh Saffron holds great pride in acquiring recognition as a company where quality matters the most. It has efficiently maintained its esteem by producing branded premium quality saffron.

Saffron’s have a pleasant aroma, strong color with great flavoring potential and therefore it is excessively in demand. Kashmiri saffron is regarded as the exclusive one amongst other saffron as it is thin, long in length with silky threads and is dark red in color. At Ganesh Saffron, only the finest of Kashmiri saffron threads are handpicked, processed and then carefully packed in aesthetically designed boxes with pleasing aromatic essence.

As a saffron company creating benchmarks in this rapidly growing industry with qualitative produce is not an easily accomplishing task. Shree Ganesh Saffron has undoubtedly made that mark and so thus we ensure you of profound quality saffron and its relevant products.

Why us?
  • Ensures Yielding Varieties
  • Controlled inspection on packing processes
  • Consistent improvement of saffron products
  • Attains Customer Satisfaction
  • ISO Certified Company
Why Shree Ganesh Saffron's quality is uncomparable to others?


Threads :
Shree Ganesh Saffron are long and thick expand  even further on steeping /soaking.
Colour :
Itís pure in red colour. Shree Ganesh  Saffron content very high quality colouring power.
Aroma :
Very Intense Saffron nose with high floral top notes
Flavour :
Only a fraction of the threads are required to create the
desired flavour profiles
Packaging :
Aesthetically sealed Shree Ganesh saffron threads protect itís deep aromatic essence in unique foil packs and boxes.


Threads :
Are often smaller, thinner and broken that do not expand as much during soaking
Colour :
Ranges from dark reddish brown to orange / yellow – indicating the use of floral wastage-low colouring power
Aroma :
Lacking in intensity and with little to no floral top notes
More threads are required to create the same degree of flavour but can also result in off notes
Packaging :
Lower Quality packaging allows air and moisture to penetrate the threads, resulting in a lack of freshness and further deterioration of quality
Food Recipies
  • Spiced Kashmiri Saffron Rice
  • Saffron Cake
  • Steamed Saffron Pudding
  • Saffron Sauce
Beauty & Medicinal Recipies
  • Saffron Sandal Facial Pack
  • Saffron Conditioner
  • Saffron Hair Dye
  • Saffron Skin Care